Preamble For ARES/RACES Net

Each Sunday at 8:30 pm

145.150   PL 123.0

Announcement, 1 minute before net is to start

Is there any business for the repeater before I take it for the net?
This is [your call sign].


  This is [your call sign], net control for the Fall River Amateur Radio Club ARES net.  This net is held weekly on Thursday at 7:00 PM, in association with the Fall River Emergency Management Agency.  Net control tonight is [your name and call sign].  This is a directed net for emergency communication training purposes.  All check-ins and traffic are to be directed to net control.  Stations not wishing to participate in the net are requested to stand by until the net has ended, although any station is welcome to participate and encouraged to do so.

  We will now take check-ins.  If you are checking in, begin by saying “This is”, then drop carrier momentarily to check for doubling.  You may then transmit your call sign, first name, location, whether you are a base, mobile or portable unit, and whether you have any traffic or announcements.  Any check-ins please come now.  This is [your call sign], net control.

Check-ins taken here – Recognize check-ins


Traffic session here – further check-ins


  We will now proceed with a round of comments.  Stations will be called in turn.  If you do not have any comments, please say “No comments” and we will proceed to the next station.


Comments, news, and announcement session here


End-of-net announcement

 We would like to thank the Bristol County Repeater Association and the WA1DGW trustee, KA1LH, for the use of the repeater for tonight’s net.  We would also like to thank the stations who checked in, and the stations who stood by during this net.

  This is [your name and call sign], net control, concluding the ARES practice net at [TIME] and returning the repeater to normal amateur use.  Good evening and 73 to all.  This is [your call sign], clear.