WA1DGW Repeater

145.150 MHz
PL of 123.0 Hz

Internet is Down

Allstar Node – 53927

Echolink Node – 668385

DStar – DCS041-E (XLX041-E)

YSF – XLX041

Hamshack Hotline US Extension – 94067

The WA1DGW repeater is a BridgeCom Systems BCR-50V, Vocom power amplifier, Wacom duplexer, 7/8″ Heliax, and a Sinclair low PIM antenna. The repeater has a dedicate WiFi link for Internet and has generator backup.

The WA1DGW repeater offers excellent coverage
of the Fall River area, and beyond.  It is available for public safety
communications when requested by our local
Emergency Management office, and has been used
for many different nets over the years.

Repeater Hardware Diagram

Digital Modes Flow