Armed Forces Day

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DON/ANCHOR: May is a busy month in the United States on the amateur radio calendar. There’s Hamvention opening on the 20th of May – and just a week before, on May 14th, there’s the Armed Forces Day Cross-Band exercise. Jack Parker W8ISH has the details.

JACK: Ham radio and government radio operators will be sharing messages and testing their operating efficiency starting at 1300 UTC on May 14th in an exercise hosted by the US Army Military Auxiliary Radio System, or MARS. They’ll be taking part in the Armed Forces Day Cross-Band exercise, an interoperability event with a history that goes back more than 50 years. Hams will be listening for stations on US military frequencies and transmitting on nearby amateur frequencies. Participating hams will be able to confirm their contacts with a QSL card. Hams copying messages from US Army and US Navy stations can request a QSL card online using the form at the website that appears in the text version of this week’s newscast at


Hams seeking a QSL card from US Air Force stations whose messages they have copied should send a request by mail to the Armed Forces Day Celebration, Chief, Air Force MARS, 203 West Losey Street, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois 62225.

According to the Department of Defense website, the numerous military stations transmitting messages will include Travis Air Force Base in California, the Newport Naval Radio Station Museum in Newport, Rhode Island, the US Coast Guard Base in Alameda, California, the Pentagon in Washington DC and the Barrow Army Reserve Center in Kentucky.

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