Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net

Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net – Tomorrow

Wednesday June 1 – 5:00 PM EDT – 3.835 MHz

Thomas Cole is known as the founder of the Hudson River School of modern art.

All are welcome to check-in to the weekly Wednesday sessions of the Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net beginning at 5:00 PM EDT on 3.835MHz (+/- 5-10 kHz).

There were 14 check-ins for last Wednesday’s Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net.

Including Neil KE7XL transmitting remote from Sequim, Washington state using an antenna on the seacoast of Rhode Island.

Neil posed an interesting question for the Net: “What FM Broadcast station operating from the Hudson Valley does not have an FCC license?” We’ll post the answer soon on the HV 80 website, meanwhile you are invited to test your own radio knowledge on this topic. (Those who checked in last week, of course already know.)

Mike KD2CDU from Sidney, NY in Delaware County is offering a Kenwood TS-590S for a most reasonable price.  Details now posted on the new ‘Swap and Sell’ Forum page on the HV 80 website at:

Bob K3CKO of Marathon, NY in Cortlandt county is cleaning house and will be auctioning and/or selling off many pieces of equipment accumulated since he was first licensed in 1957.  He is still preparing a list however details on how to contact him are also posted on the HV 80 Net Forum in the ‘Swap and Sell’ Category.

Stations from 27 New York counties and 7 states have participated since the inception of the HV 80 Net in December of 2021.

Amateur radio operators from the Canadian Border to the Southern Shore of Long Island have checked in and the new start time of 5:00 pm EDT is working well.

The HV 80 Net and our associated HV 80 Website is not just for Hudson Valley Stations!    

We welcome all check-ins and Forum posts from licensed amateur radio operators. 

Reports from your home area of fund raisers for first responders or charitable organizations; hiking trails; unusual natural phenomena; local history and historical sites; community events; great restaurants and wineries; recreational opportunities; notices about trail and road closures and, of course, amateur radio and ‘maker’ events are encouraged.

Wherever you reside, your own knowledge, experience, and news can be of help to those who are planning business or vacation travel to your home town and county. 

We are pleased that the Hudson Valley 80 Meter Website at is now up and running and many are posting information that will be of interest to those checking in and listening to the HV 80 Net.

Currently we are only ‘on the air’ one day a week and the HV 80 website allows us to continue our communications and mutual support of one another and others in our local communities throughout the week.

We hope the new website will support our regional community of amateur radio operators and provide for enhanced communication, cooperation, collaboration and camaraderie between and amongst all those in our region, neighboring regions and states.

You needn’t submit the ‘Sign-Up’ form to view the Forum of Blog Posts on the website.

Just click the ‘X’ in the upper right-hand corner of the form to gain access to the website.

However, we hope that many will indeed submit the form which will allow you to submit your own comments, reports, replies and inquiries.

Please use the ‘Contact’ page for further information and to provide ideas, suggestions and feedback about the Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net or contact Paul AC2UQ at

Our HV 80 Net Map [shown below] continues to grow each week thanks to the first-time check-ins coming from amateur radio enthusiasts throughout the Northeast.

Thanks to the efforts of Joe AD2AH there are now 5 layers in the map showing the 1) location; 2) elevation; 3) weather stations (if known) of previous participants; 4) stations that participated in the HV 80 Pilot Tests and Inaugural Sessions and 5) Hudson Valley and neighboring region 2-Meter Repeaters showing offsets and PL tones.

You will find a URL link to the Map on the new Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net website at

The Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net is held weekly on Wednesdays at 5:00 pm on 3.835 MHz (+/- 5-10 kHz).

We also hold ‘pop-up’ Weather Nets mid-mornings and late afternoons when Severe Weather Watches and Warnings for our region are in effect.

 All are welcome!  Please spread the word! 

Paul AC2UQ

Please let me know if you would prefer not to receive notices about the Hudson Valley 80 Meter Net.

 Paul Brown, Ph.D – AC2UQpbrown4082@gmail.com914.388.0634

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