Nov 21, 2020 Fox Hunt Results

The BCRA has held its “First (in a while) BCRA Fox Hunt”

Saturday November 21, 2020 

Here’s the recap – First, we couldn’t have asked for better weather! No one found the fox, but WA1LBK’s team was really close and KC1NDQ was closing in also. The fox was in the parking lot, with permission, of Lexi-Lu’s Place (great blueberry pancakes!) at the intersection of American Legion Highway (Rte. 177) and Forge Road in Westport, about .5 miles south of route 6. the coordinates are 41.6347 and -71.6547 or approximately 7.493 miles SW of the center of the designated search area. 

KC1LMY used the strategy of getting a bearing and locating all the Dunkin’ shops along that line – not a bad idea, but the last I heard there were more than 35 Dunkies in Fall River alone!

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